Research and development of light steel structure、Design、Production、Sales and installation of science and technology enterprises

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    Kyokuto steel structure

    Research and development of light steel structure、Design、Production、Sales and installation of science and technology enterprises

    Shenzhen kyokuto steel structure technology development co., LTD,Is a company specializing in the production of shenzhen WeiDang engineering construction company。According to the live built bureau provisions on construction engineering construction WeiDang upgraded,To follow“Security、Green、Beautiful、Practical”The principle of,Company's products fabricated WeiDang qi、WeiDang of galvanized sheet steel structure、PVCWeiDang,Has the firm structure、Wind resistance ability,No wear and tear、No construction waste,Disassembling and quick、Can be used repeatedly,Can be stacked、Easy transportation and storage,The advantages of appearance can beautify the urban environment,It is mainly used for real estate、The city、Transportation engineering construction project site。

    Since its establishment has to undertake the shenzhen outer ring expressway blocks ii project、The comprehensive improvement of the baoan district MaoZhou river renovation project、Longgang arbutus hillock, water village, former upgrade project,F area high-speed upgrade、Futian checkpoint road greening projects、Shenzhen airport expansion project of the second runway and supporting facilities engineering、The subway7、8、10、11WeiDang engineering projects construction on the line。

    Customer demand is our pursuit,Customer's smile is our motivation。Company will be committed to urban construction site WeiDang technology development for a long time,And actively promote the healthy development of the industry,With excellent product quality、Efficient service team、Pursue the minimum profit and the domestic many engineering enterprises established long-term good relations of cooperation!

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